The Generations Ahead

Program is here for YOU!  

We know you want to move your life forward.  
We know you want what is best for your child


  • Pregnant and parenting young moms and dads, up to age 21
  • Live in Grand Traverse County or attend school or job training in Grand Traverse County. 

Here are some Ways we can help!

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MARJIE RICH, MPH   +231.360.0053 

call us today: +231.360.0053​

"Generations Ahead has helped me a lot! They help me with gas to get to and from school, and with daycare at my high school."   -Breanna

Generations Ahead empowers teen and young adult parents to move their lives forward.   

Alison Woytowich is our Social Worker who offers counseling services, based on your interests and needs.  Whether by yourself, or with your family, or in a group of other moms, she can help you resolve a crisis, set your own goals, or talk through a personal problem. Perhaps you’ve experienced domestic violence or sexual assault. Or just need someone to help you sort things out.    

Where are counseling services provided?
At your first meeting, which is usually done at the Generations Ahead office at Traverse City High School, Alison will get to know you and your unique needs.  After that, Alison can meet you at your home, school, the program office, or even at the park. The two of you can decide where is best to meet.

Sometimes special counseling groups will be offered at the Generations Ahead office that address common issues such as depression or anxiety. These will be available for any program participants to attend.

Our mentors believe you and your child deserve caring support.  You’ll be matched with an adult who can offer friendship, guidance and beneficial time together as you prepare for your future.  Your mentor can help you focus on your educational and employment goals, your child’s development and your parenting skills, and she can help you connect with different community services such as health care for you and your baby.   

What do mentors do?

  • Spend time each week with you and your child.  
  • Help connect you to many community resources and services that can help you and your child.
  • Help you continue your education, achieve your employment goals and achieve independent living.
  • Some mentors are available to help with labor and delivery for moms who want that. 
  • HAVE FUN with you and your baby.​

Family Enrichment Playgroups 
Twice a month (the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month), playgroups are offered for children and their parents. These playgroups take place at different locations around the community including local parks, swimming pools, the library, music classes, the Children’s Museum, etc.  All activities are free for participants. This is a great time to have fun with your child. Check the website and FB page to find out where we will be meeting. Other family members are invited to participate too, if you want!

Mom-Only Groups
The 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month will be groups just for moms (and moms-to-be). We will start with a snack with our children, and then split up. Moms will have discussions with the Social Worker on a variety of topics- parenting, relationships, stress, sleep, relaxation! Free childcare will be provided for your children nearby. 

Parent education classes are offered to any participant enrolled in the Generations Ahead program. Topics address issues such as:

  • Nutrition for the whole family
  • Childbirth preparation and education
  • Breastfeeding information
  • Child development
  • Health relationships
  • Financial literacy
  • Birth control support and education

​There is no cost to the classes. Some classes will meet just one time, while others may take place over several weeks. Most classes meet at the Generations Ahead office. 


A Baby Pantry is available at the Generations Ahead office at Traverse City High School.  The new and gently used items vary with what has been donated, but always include baby and toddler clothing, maternity clothes, diapers, jackets, linens (blankets, crib sheets, towels etc.) On occasion, there are also larger donated items including bassinets, high chairs, and strollers.  Car seats are not available. 

If someone in the community has items to donate, please contact the office at 231-360-0053.